First Congregational Preschool

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The preschool staff focuses on forming a relationship with each individual child. Our program grows out of teachers knowing children and accepting them where they are developmentally. We create a play-oriented learning environment and a child-centered curriculum which fosters each child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. These Belief Statements guide our work.


  • That children learn by playing; that children should direct the play whenever possible, and that adult teachers can and should play with the children.
  • That 2 1/2 – 5 year old children have things to learn; that preschool is not just preparation for kindergarten.
  • That the academics of preschool are making connections, trying out new roles, developing and using language, solving conflicts by negotiating, experimenting with equipment, materials and activities.
  • That a preschool environment should be created to stimulate the natural curiosity and creativity of children.
  • That preschool should be a safe place, where children can learn by doing and exploring.
  • That whenever possible, children should do for themselves, rather than having adults do for them.
  • That children learn responsibility by solving real-life problems.
  • That process, not product is important in art activities.
  • That preschool staff should say “yes” most of the time and not have too many situations where we have to say “no”. However, we believe that “no” is another answer, and that sometimes we have to say “no” to children and not feel bad about that.
  • That we must teach children self-discipline not punish them.
  • That rules should be kept to a minimum, but should include the basic 3: you can’t do something that would hurt yourself; you can’t do something that would hurt another; you can’t do something destructive to the equipment or property.

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