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At First Congregational Preschool we regard early childhood as a very special time in every child’s life. Since we first opened our doors in 1983, we have offered a play-based learning environment and child-centered curriculum designed to foster each child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.


We believe that children learn best by playing. Our experienced teachers encourage children to explore the world around them using their imagination as a guide. From hearing the first words in a storybook to applying a wobbly brushstroke to a painting, preschoolers thrive through hands-on activities.

At First Congregational Preschool, playing is the foundation for each preschool day, making children more receptive to trying new things. We enjoy watching each child’s creativity and confidence emerge through active play, and take pride in supporting such fundamental growth.


Children are natural, competent learners who long to take part in new activities. At First Congregational, we offer all preschoolers opportunities to experiment, discover and reflect.

Our classrooms offer a variety of stimulating experiences for children ages 2 ½ to 5 years old. Exposure to building materials, games, sensory tables, art activities, reading and writing centers, dress-up corners and science-based activities invites each child to learn. Active play, movement and music are also a part of our curriculum.

An open preschool environment encourages children to make the school their own. Our library and hallway exhibits welcome children and their families; the “Big Room” and the enclosed playground serve as common play spaces; our Enrichment Program sparks a heightened sense of creativity and focus for our 3- to 5-year-olds.

A young child is most likely to learn and grow in an environment where he or she feels accepted, respected and supported. Our qualified teachers and 6:1 student-teacher ratio enable our preschoolers to develop both individually and as part of our diverse school community.


At First Congregational Preschool, we know that preschoolers are constantly changing and growing. We strive to help each child form friendships, learn to trust one another and feel good about themselves in a group setting. These critical steps in a child’s development contribute to the positive school atmosphere of which we are so proud.

Your child’s learning experience builds gradually at preschool. It begins with a two-day half-day program in the first year and ends with a five-day program in the third year. Watching our students become more self-aware, confident and capable is one of our greatest rewards.

We also recognize the importance of a safe and healthy school setting. Our enclosed playground has been resurfaced and outfitted with safety locks to ensure that our children are well-protected at play. We are especially proud of our Healthy Snack Policy which encourages the children to eat fruits and vegetables and other healthy choices during snack-time–you can be sure we are taking your child’s health to heart!

Beginning in the second year of preschool, our Enrichment Program offers half-day creative learning opportunities that enhance the preschool experience.

Separate from the daily classroom curriculum, this inquiry-based program gains momentum from the energy of the children and takes shape from their emerging thoughts and ideas. Children participating in Enrichment expand upon a chosen theme using art, music, performance, reading and geography.

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